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Destan trailer: Ebru Șahin became a great fighter in the Epic series!

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Ebru Șahin fascinated his fans in the trailer of the Destan series!

Ebru Șahin in Destan: The famous actress Ebru Șahin will make one of the most different productions in the new season. The actress, who will soon appear on the small screens with the epic series, playing the character of the warrior Akkız, will surprise and fascinate her fans. Both the trailer and the photos from the epic series had a prominent effect on social networks.

Fans of the series are very excited that Ebru Șahin, who calls her “the wolf”, will return to the small screens with a tough female character, where she will have the opportunity to prove her acting talent again.

The actress, who irretrievably won our hearts with the angelic character of Reyyan, played so masterfully in the series Hercai, will turn into a completely different person in the new series. The character, Akkız fascinates you with the mastery of the personality, who can use the arrows so well, knows how to fight like a real warrior and manages to ride like a master.

The images in the video in which Ebru Șahin appears show that her role fits this character very well, make you want to watch the first episode of the long-awaited series. And her clothes and her hair completely transpose you into the magical story of the eighth century, which turned her into a completely different and strong person.

Social media users were thrilled, and it is patent that they loved this version of Ebru Shahin. Fans left a lot of messages and compliments on social networks.

The fact that the character Akkız is a strong woman and has a charismatic image has already considerably increased the interest in the series Destan, which I think will have a very high rating.

In the trailer for the historical series, the words spoken by the character Akkız describe how magnificent the series is:

Here is what the actress says in the DESTAN trailer:

“I am Dağ’s daughter, Akkız! I have become a hand for those who have no hand. I have become the way for those who have no legs. I came to make up for the lack, to free the slave, to write my epic from the mountain of heaven.”

Ebru Șahin

Ebru Shahin will be on the screen of the ATV with the epic series again. Some time ago, I informed CinemaLands fans that the actress followed a long preparation for this role, but now you can see the fruits because the talented actress also learned a lot about martial arts. Ebru Sahin, the beautiful actress who has already learned how to ride a horse in the series Hercai, this time will demonstrate her mastery in the series Destan.

Info source: Instagram