Ebru Shahin posed in the lavender field
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Ebru Shahin posed in the lavender field

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News about Ebru Shahin, Reyyan from Hercai in the lavender field

Ebru Șahin in the lavender field: The beautiful actress Ebru Șahin is preparing to appear in front of the lens from the epic series “Destan / The epic”, together with Edip Tepeli, presented to the fans wonderful photos poses and a video filmed in the field of lavender.

With the end of the HERCAI series, the actress took full advantage of the holiday season and is now preparing for her new project. Ebru Sahin continues to make a name for himself with the assertive hypostases he shares one after another on Instagram.

It is well known the actress is in a relationship with basketball player Cedi Osman, and they often appeared together on the news in Turkey.

The beautiful Turkish actress is always in the spotlight and is on the agenda on the news. She shared with her followers the hypostases captured in the lavender field.

Some time ago, the beautiful actress, who went to a lavender farm in Tekirdağ with her friends, delighted her fans with her photos, as if taken from a fairy tale.

Sahin preferred to wear a white dress with a halter collar which would highlight her low-cut back shortly after posting, received thousands of appreciations and comments.

Ebru Sahin, the Turkish actress who became famous all over the world! She masterfully playing the role of Reyyan from Hercai, along with Akin Akinozu (Miran), has also won the hearts of Hispanics.

HERCAI is one of the most successful love stories born of revenge. She quickly became an award-winning acting virtuoso with an emerging career.

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