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Hercai Episode 1 Summary [Marriage proposal]

Hercai Episode 1 Summary

Hercai Episode 1 Summary: The Turkish series Hercai describes the impossible love story between Reyyan and Miran. Two lovers caught in the nets of love, in which the context of revenge between two strong families grows. The Șadoğlu family, to which Reyyan belongs, is one of the strong families from Midyat city.

Life is like a butterfly life. We must not hurt someone else heart, and we will not have an injured heart.


Hercai Episode 1 Summary

Reyyan Șadoğlu is a beautiful young woman who does not have the love and support of her grandfather. In the context of a peacefully family, grandparents have a special love for their grandchildren. But in the case of the young woman, her grandfather does not love her.
Reyyan has only one hope: That one day, a miracle will happen in her life so that she can somehow leave the family home for good.

In episode 1 of the Turkish series Hercai, Reyyan dreams of her prince on a white horse, who will come to take her and with whom he will start his own family in a house full of warmth and love.

Destiny brings her the charming prince. But not on a white horse, and that is how the meeting of Reyyan with Miran takes place!

On a dreamy morning, Reyyan goes for a horse ride, and fate causes her path to intersect with Miran. In the first episode of Hercai, Reyyan rides as fast as an arrow, and Miran almost knocks her down. The young woman was riding a black horse. Our warrior stops just in time. But the young man must become the hero of the princess of his heart, and fate causes Reyyan to fall off his horse and lose consciousness. Miran sees her on the ground and recognizes her immediately. He knows that the girl is Reyyan Șadoğlu, but the girl does not know him. Although Reyyan does not want to see her with a man, Miran takes her home, and so that the girl does not have problems with her family, he explains that their daughter had an accident.

Her family knew Miran because they are partners in a hotel project. The young man introduced himself to the Șadoğlu as a businessman from Istanbul. Miran offered Nassoh Bey a partnership. Reyyan has a cousin who has feelings for Miran and confesses to the girl that she is in love with the rich young man and even asks Reyyan to get rid of him.

Hercai Episode 1 Summary: Marriage proposal!

In the Turkish series Hercai the families, Aslanbey and Șadoğlu, will not only be business partners. They will be relatives also. Miran comes to the mansion and wants only Reyyan as his wife. Even her grandfather informed him that his great wish is for the young man to marry his niece, Yaren. Miran came to ask the girl family, but he only wants Reyyan, not Yaren, as the Nasuh wants.

Miran takes everyone by surprise when he proposes to Reyyan to marry him. Nasuh Bey was not happy with this proposal. He does not love Reyyan and would have wanted Yaren, his other niece, to marrying their business partner.

On the other hand, Yaren is the cousin of Reyyan. She is very jealous, especially since she just told him that she loves Miran, to find out that Reyyan will marry.

Hercai Episode 1 Summary: The revenge of Miran!

Miran was growing with hatred for the Sadoglu family. Since childhood, his grandmother lied to him. Azize told him how the Sadoglu family was responsible for the death of his parents.
As the years passed, Miran thought of only one thing. The revenge against those who were responsible for the death of his parents.

Reyyan is not the biological daughter of Hazar Sadoglu. When Hazar married her mother, the woman was already pregnant with another man. That is why the Sadoglu grandfather does not treat Reyyan like his niece and only favours Yaren. The grandfather of Reyyan wants Miran to marry his niece, Yaren. So he does not waste any more time and sends a message to Miran, informing him that he will marry Yaren.

This situation causes a short tension between the two families! But in the end, the Șadoğlu family will give Reyyan to the suitor. Just the thought that Hazar might be responsible for the death of the father of Miran causes great pain to the Aslanbey family. Because both Miran and Azize Aslanbey believe Hazar is guilty. Miran will marry his daughter, Reyyan, only to complete his revenge plan.

Reyyan does not know the truth. She does not understand why her grandfather does not love her. During the marriage ceremony, Sultan introduces herself as is Miran mother and Gönül as his sister. Because in front of the guests, Miran repeats the request to marry Reyyan, his grandfather Nasuh Bey must accept that. Reyyan did not want to marry a stranger. But as he could not object, the wedding preparations are going on. Miran seduces Reyyan to be sure that the wedding will take place, and the plan succeeds. Reyyan falls in love with him, but Miran does not realize that he also falls madly in love with Reyyan.

Shock, Shock! Miran and Gönül are married!

Gonul loves Miran madly is looking for a way to meet Reyyan. She intends to discourage her, to refuse the marriage. But first, she wants to make sure the girl wants her husband and asks her if she wants to marry Miran.
I do not want to marry: When Gonul finds out what she is up to, he goes to Miran and tells her that Reyyan does not want to marry him.

Miran does not love Gönül, and that is why he introduced her as his sister. However, even if Miran does not want Gönül, she loves him. Gonul is his wife, and the girl even followed him to Mardin, although it is not her birthplace. Gonon loves Miran and came to Mardin for her husband to take revenge. Whether or not if the revenge plan of Miran succeeds will be seen along the way.

At the end of episode 1 of the Hercai series, we learn that Gönül is the wife of Miran, although she is introducing as his sister.

Will Gonul divulge the secret of Miran?

Hercai Episode 1 Review: The Game of Revenge

The first episode of Hercai was marvellous. All the scenes from this episode were well-performing, and I found out about the characters: The revenge plan devised by his grandmother Azize, the desire of Reyyan for freedom, the Nasuh hatred of Reyyan and his bad treatment was different from his other grandchildren.

Favourite scene: Reyyan and Miran in Henna Night

From the first episode of Hercai, we can feel the need for Miran to see Reyyan. But also the innocence of Reyyan and love for Miran. Even though Miran is lying and, in himself, thinks he is taking revenge on the Sadoglu family, all I could feel was his feelings for Reyyan. He is so different in her presence, and his calm, sweetened facial expressions and tone of voice betray his feelings.

A favourite secondary character in this episode: Azat

Ahmet Tansu Tașanlar, who is playing the role of Azat, was my favourite character in this episode. His way of expres, his unconditional love for Reyyan during her engagement scene with Miran and Henna night.

Favourite dialogue: Miran and Reyyan swing

I liked the way Miran spoke to Reyyan, saying that no matter how far she went, he would still find her. The way Miran managed to make Reyyan trust him when she showed her fear of falling off the cradle. Miran assures Reyyan that at any moment, she will fall, he will catch her. And if Reyyan will fall, he will jump behind her, and they will fall together.

Favourite Soundtrack: “Hoș geldin”

All the background songs are beautiful, but in this episode, the song “Hoș geldin”, performed by the angelic voice of Ebru Șahin, was more than perfect. – YouTube 1:48:13

End of Episode 1: Gönül

The ending was not so unexpected. Because from the first scene, I realized that Gönül is not the sister of Miran. Her gaze looked completely different, and I expected her to love him. But when I saw that she was the wife of Miran, it was a real shock for me.

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