Hercai episode 23 summary
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Hercai Episode 23 Summary

Hercai Episode 23 Summary

Hercai Episode 23 Summary begins with Reyyan at Aslanbey Mansion. She tells Miran that she did not come for him there and is in front of him only to prove her father’s innocence. In Hercai Episode 23 Summary, the truth about Miran’s parents is about to come to light.

Reyyan knows that the letter will prove her father’s innocence and goes to Miran!

While Miran does not believe in the existence of the letter, Reyyan wants to reveal the truth. She wants at all costs to prove to Miran and the Aslanbey family that everything they have believed so far about her father is not accurate. Miran promises to help her find that letter if she’s so sure it exists. That decision of her nephew bothers Azize.

Reyyan confronts Azize, stating that she will prove to his nephew that he has lived a big lie so far once she puts the letter in front of her. Sultan, when seeing how Reyyan imposes you in front of Azize, is an enormous satisfaction.

Azize Aslanbey finds out about the existence of the letter. She realizes that her revenge plan is in jeopardy and tries to take the necessary measures.

Miran goes with Reyyan to the hospital to check the surveillance cameras to find out who took the letter from Hazar’s bag. But unfortunately, they can’t find out anything.

Zehra, who found out that Miran is Hazar’s son, is about to make a very critical decision!

On the other hand, Zehra is in the hands with the letter and lives the shock of her life. She cannot accept the truth and tells Esma that she is lying. Thinking such a thing is not possible.

Esma, with tears in her eyes, tells her that Azize knew everything. Even that Reyyan is Hazar’s stepdaughter. Esma tells, to not ask anything else and leaves. Zehra is left alone and continues to read the letter that Dilsah wrote to Hazar.

In that letter, Miran’s mother wrote that she thought a lot before making this decision. That is why, because of the hell she lives in, she is afraid to hide from him that Miran is his son. Dilsah confesses that if something happens to her, she will entrust Miran to Allah and asks him to take care of their son like the eyes in his head. Zehra knows that the letter must reach her husband, but she cannot decide whether to hand him that confession.

What will be the decision of Zehra, who is between her family and Miran?

Esma is on her way to the mansion and feels great remorse for betraying her mistress. But she consoles herself, saying that she has done all this to protect Miran and Firat. All this time, Elif, who has no reconciled conscience, goes to Sadoglu’s mansion to confess that he pushed Hazar. Fortunately, Esma meets her and turns her away.

Reyyan returns home and is seeing by Azat. He suspects that she has met Miran. But Reyyan tells him that she went to the hospital to look for the letter and tells Azat why it is so important to find that letter.

Miran realizes that there are many secrets in his family and begins to doubt his grandmother’s words!

Azize tries to manipulate her nephew and lies to him, that for sure the letter was written by Hazar and everything is another game of Hazar. But Miran assures her that she will find out the truth by comparing that letter to her mother’s handwriting because she has a photograph of the Sultan with the “handwriting” of Dilsah.

Sultan overhears their conversation, and when is seeing Miran tells about how she lost her son. After that discussion, Miran suspects that there are many secrets in their family and that Hazar may be innocent.

Miran suspects that her mother suffered because of her father and that Hazar could have been the one who helped her escape the mansion. The Sultan will become a powerful impulse to open Miran’s eyes to the truth. Miran’s letter and research began to frighten Azize.

Firat, even at his mother’s request, cannot turn his back on the Aslanbey family. However, Esma understands that they will stay there and is very worried about what will happen when Hazar finds out that Miran is his son.

Gonul suffers from events in her family. But this brings her closer and closer to her brother. Firat finds out from Gonul that she agreed to divorce Miran, hoping that Azize will meet her brother. About whom she found out he is alive.

Reyyan suspects Yaren took the letter!

Following the confrontation between the two cousins, Azat can no longer resist seeing Reyyan suffer and confesses to his grandfather that Yaren knew about the Aslanbey family’s plan. Nasuh Bey gets angry when he hears that his niece has told the truth, only for Reyyan’s honour to be tarnishing. Their grandfather is trying to hit Yaren for the first time, and Reyyan intervenes. And it makes the boyar regret everything he did to Reyyan. Yaren looks like, will never regret her mistakes. Cihan is aware that he cannot be a good parent for his children.

Reyyan continues to try to prove Hazar’s innocence. She is looking for Gabriel, the jeweller who made the ring that Hazar gave to Dilsah.
She wants to prove to Miran that her father is innocent. Thinking Miran will understand that Hazar has nothing to do with the death of his parents.

Miran and Reyyan decide to investigate his parents’ past. Under the pretext that he wants to leave for a period of the mansion, Reyyan manages to convince her family and going to Melike’s village. The boyar finds out about his niece’s plan, and for the sake of her son, he tries to stop her from finding out the truth.

Hazar realizes that Zehra is hiding something from him, even though he is not aware of her secret. He remembers his last moments with Dilsah and tells his wife that he saw Mehmet, Miran’s father, in front of him.

Reyyan and Miran stay overnight at Usta Gabriel’s house, and dawn decides to find out the truth. Hercai Episode 23 Summary ends as Reyyan shows the jeweller the ring and asks him if he remembers who made that ring.

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