Hercai episode 24 summary
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Hercai Episode 24 Summary

Hercai Episode 24 Summary

Reyyan’s effort to find out the truth about the past led Miran to follow her. Despite everything, Miran is with Reyyan as he promised. Hercai Episode 24 Summary begins with the jeweller. Gabriel tells Reyyan that the ring was ordering by Mehmet Aslanbey for his wife, Dilsah. But the young woman does not believe him and asks him if Azize Aslanbey threatened to lie to her. Read below, Hercai Episode 24 summary. If you like our summaries, please share Hercai Episode 24 Summary with your friends.

An unknown person opens the gates of a completely different past for Reyyan and Miran!

Reyyan, who “went there to prove” to Miran that her father ordered the ring for Dilshah, is disappointed by the unexpected response. Miran is waiting impatiently outside. And when he sees his wife asks her what the jeweller said. Reyyan tells him that Gabriel said that Mehmet ordered that ring. But she is sure that Azize threatened him. After they leave, we see the man sent by Azize to the jeweller’s house, who leaves satisfied. Gabriel orders his son, after his death, to tell the family that Hazar Sadoglu ordered the ring for Dilsah.

The shadowy stranger informs his mistress that the boy and the girl were arguing and broke up. But the girl is still looking to find out the truth. He confirms that it happened, exactly as he suspected, because Mahmut, Azize’s man, threatened the jeweller.

Reyyan arrives back with Miran at Melike’s house. And they are greeted by Azat. He is angry that the two have met. Reyyan tells them that neither of them should order her what to do because she makes the decisions.

Hercai Episode 24 Summary: Elif can no longer bear her grandmother’s injustice and seeks help from Azat!

On the other hand, Elif can’t stand that Reyyan doesn’t forgive Miran. She is afraid that her grandmother will prepare new games. Elif tells her grandparents that she is not as shameless as she is. Elif doesn’t get along with Miran as he doesn’t see his grandparents’ games and allows him to hurt Reyyan.

From their conversation, Azize finds out that her nephew donated blood to Hazar. And all that for the sake of his wife and annoys her. However, Elif is not going to shut up and asks Azat for help. The two young people have a close friendship and trust each other, even if their families are enemies. The two lovers decide to meet the next day.

Elif tells Miran that their grandmother put three men holding Sultan, and standing in front of her threatened her. But when Miran asks her if it’s true, the woman denies everything for Azize’s fear. Gonul, who realizes it’s true, goes to her mother’s room and tells her that she will hold her grandmother accountable, but Sultan won’t let her. Firat tries to comfort Gonul. When Azize hears him saying, he believes what Elif said. She goes to them very nervous.

Reyyan has to make a decision she doesn’t want when Zehra asks her to divorce Miran!

On the other hand, when Reyyan arrives at the mansion, she is greeted by her mother. When Zehra finds out that her daughter has met Miran, she gets angry and asks her to sign the divorce papers. Zehra, asking Reyyan to sign the divorce papers. She is saying all that is for the sake of her father, who would give his life for her.

Miran, present with his grandmother, states that he will go crazy. Because of the secrets in their family. He asks to tell him what his uncle did to Sultan. But Azize shamelessly lies about how she knows what happened between husband and wife, trying to make him believe that his aunt is lying.

All the badly deeds of Yaren come to the surface, and Nasuh decides to marry her!

Zehra overhears Nasuh’s conversation, and when she finds out that her niece knew what the Aslanbey family was going to do to her daughter, she asks him to drive Yaren out of the mansion. Nasuh begs her not to tell Hazar, and Zehra warns him that if Yaren doesn’t leave, she will tell her husband everything, and they will leave the mansion for good.

Esma finds out that Zehra did not give Dilsah’s letter to Hazar and insists on giving it to him!

Esma calls Hazar to ask if he must have received the letter she sent him. But Zehra answer Esma, who realizes that she hasn’t told him yet. She is telling her that confession will save the lives of their children and will protect Hazar.

Zehra goes out of the room so her husband can’t hear. She tells Esma that she has no way of knowing if that letter is not a lie, and it’s not Azize’s game. Zehra won’t do anything until she’s sure. Esma warns her that if she doesn’t tell him when Hazar recovers, she will tell him the truth. She will also let him know that his wife knew and hide everything from him.

Little Gul calls Miran to the mansion!

While Miran was with Firat, little Gul sending a text message to Miran. She sends a message from Reyyan’s phone and writes that she wants to see him. Miran is overjoyed and immediately goes to the mansion. He is pleasantly surprised to see that the little girl sent him the text message. When Reyyan sees them together, she goes there. Reyyan wants to take her sister so that no one will see them.

Nasuh Bey, who has understood his mistakes, is no longer going to favour his niece. The boyar returns to his decision to marry Yaren. Reyyan is very happy when she sees that her grandfather is finally treating her like a real niece. After Miran leaves, Reyyan goes to the terrace. Nasuh asks her to make coffee, and she rejoices like a child. Yaren gets angry and makes a fuss, but this time her grandfather and her parents scold her.

FlashBack: In this scene, we see that Yaren took Dilsah’s letter from Hazar’s bag, and that letter is hidden. She seeks revenge on her cousin.

Hercai Episode 24 Summary: Reyyan goes to Dilsah’s hometown!

While Reyyan is in bed with the light off, someone sneaks into her room. That person left Reyyan a note. That note has the same handwriting as the note on the day of her kidnapping. But that note it’s addressed to her this time. The message is that if she wants to know the truth, she should go to Dilsah’s village.

The next day, Reyyan is going into that village and Melike, afraid that something might happen to her, informs Miran, who immediately goes there.

In Hercai Episode 24 Summary, the secrets come to light: Miran discovers that his grandmother is no longer alive?

The scene is moving to Dilsah’s motherhouse. Grandma tells Miran how Dilsah |”was taken” with force. And the person guilty of all these evils is Azize Aslanbey. She also tells him that the room they are in is his mother’s room and that his grandmother lived in that room for months. But he could not bear the pain of losing her daughter and died.

Miran finds out that after his mother’s funeral, his grandmother went to the Aslanbey family. She wanted to pick him up, but Azize would not let him. Miran is stubborn and doesn’t believe what he hears, but Reyyan feels it’s true. He remembers some memories with his mother, right in front of the house. Miran goes back into the home. And with the photo of his mother in his hand, he compares the writing from his mother’s diary, which he reads crying.

Miran finds out about the ordeal his mother went through because of Azzie!

Miran and Reyyan get excited at Dilsah’s house, and he decides to listen to what grandma has to say. Grandma tells him that his mother did not want to marry Mehmet. But the Aslanbey family was strong, and they took Dilsah against her will. They “treated his mother badly” at the mansion. Miran had a panic attack and shouted at his grandmother to stop lying. Because he knows that Hazar forced her to lie to him and says he will kill him.

On the other hand, Elif tells Azat that she is afraid of everything that is happening. Saying if she tells him the truth, he will surely hate her. She confesses to him that she pushed Hazar for fear of seeing him armed. Crying tells him that this is why Reyyan and Miran were separated. Azat tells her he doesn’t hate her because he knows she is lying to protect Miran and make reconciliation with Reyyan possible.

Elif confesses to the Sadoglu family that he pushed Hazar, and Reyyan’s father confirms that he is telling the truth!

The two lovers return to the mansion. Miran sees Elif with Azat, gets angry and wants me to take her home. But Elif enters the mansion and shouts that she has pushed Hazar. Then Elif demands an account of why he lied that Miran did it.

Everyone in the mansion is shocked! Reyyan is accusing her husband, saying he forced Elif to lie. Miran feels hurt by his wife’s words and leaves her very sad. Hazar feels guilty and confesses to his daughter that Miran told the truth.

Hercai Episode 25 Summary


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