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Hercai Episode 26 Summary [Detailed]

The Painful Truth is revealing in Hercai Episode 26 Summary!

In Hercai Episode 26 Summary: It is found that Şükran is Dilsah’s mother and Miran’s grandmother. Miran is in a state of shock and very confused because he does not know what truth to believe in and leaves devastated.

Reyyan promises Miran that whatever he chooses, she will be with him and follow him!

Reyyan apologizes to Grandma and then leaves with her husband. Miran stops the car in a field, and Reyyan tries to comfort him. But her husband is very disappointed. Miran says that if Grandma told the truth, then she lived her life lying. He asks his wife, whose life he lived, and falls to her knees, saying that he no longer bear so many lies. Reyyan takes his hands and tells him that only when his mind accepts the truth will his heart wake him to reality.

On the other hand, at the Sadoglu family mansion, while the whole family is at the table, Nasuh asks Zehra where is his daughter Reyyan. Handan and her husband are visibly upset that the boyar only makes a difference between his nieces. And little Gul tells her grandfather that Reyyan went to Miran.

Nasuh tells his family that his niece is suffering too much and then promises Hazar that from now on, he will not allow anyone to harm Reyyan. The boyar wants to take off from the enemy hands, and Cihan and Azat agree. But Hazar tells them that his daughter will not leave Miran and Azat approves of his uncle’s words.

Firat, Gonul and Sultan oppose going abroad and impose themselves in front of Azize!

Azize gathers the whole family in the courtyard of the manor house and tells Elif and Gonul that they will leave, accompanied by Esma. Gonul and her mother oppose her. Firat is telling Azize that he will not allow her mother to send him abroad.

Reyyan tells Miran to go to their house together in Hercai Episode 26 Summary!

Miran takes Reyyan home, but she doesn’t want to get out of the car. She tells him that her house is no longer there and that her place is next to him. After many attempts by Reyyan for Miran to forgive her, he finally forgives her. The two spouses arrive at the family manor house when Azzie wants to send them abroad. Miran, who told his wife that he would not tell Azize anything about Şükran because he no longer trusted him, refused to tell him where they had gone. He refuses to leave, and once Elif tells them she will leave because she can’t stand so much arguing anymore.

Meanwhile, Elif decides to go abroad and leave everything behind. Azize tells her nephew that the Sadoglu family sent Şehriyar to their mansion as a spy. She also tells him that they planned for his wife to divorce him and that Yaren signed and sent the papers for divorce, even though Reyyan opposed her family. Reyyan enters the room and overhears their conversation, then Azize leaves and tells them to take care of each other.

Yaren doesn’t want to marry Harun in Hercai Episode 26 Summary!

On the other hand, Yaren has to accept the engagement with the man chosen by her family. But out of anger, she secretly leaves the mansion to meet Firat.

Elif will tell Reyyan about the love she feels for Azat!

Reyyan feels that Elif has agreed to leave, even though she doesn’t want that, and the moment tries to talk to her finds out that the girl is madly in love with Azat and that she is leaving because he doesn’t feel the same way about her.

Zehra confesses to her daughter that she forced Hazar to lie that Miran pushed him up the stairs!

Zehra, accompanied by little Gul, goes to see her daughter at the Aslanbey mansion. She wants to talk to both Reyyan and Miran. Reyyan gets angry when her mother tells her that she forced Hazar to lie that Miran pushed him up the stairs.

In vain does Zehra try to explain to her daughter that she did this out of fear lest Azzie does her any harm.

Because he found her next to her husband while he was in the hospital. Zehra tells her daughter that she was afraid of losing her and Reyyan tells her that because of her fear, she almost lost the most important men in her life.


The two spouses do not accept Zehra’s apology, who leaves home devastated.

Azize overhears the conversation at the door, and when her nephew goes to hold her accountable, she admits that she went to the hospital to threaten Hazar with her daughter’s life, then says that she did all these things to protect him.

Reyyan goes to talk to her father!

Little Gul brings joy to the hearts of Reyyan and Miran with her intelligence. She asks the two spouses to play together in hiding. After that, they all go to the mansion and Reyyan talks to her father, who admits his guilt. She tells him she knows everything. And that if one day she has one child, she will love him as he loves her. And when she leaves tells her father not to expect anything more from her.

Meanwhile, the Sadoglu family formalizes Yaren’s engagement to Harun, a handsome, rich, young man from Urfa. Unfortunately, Harun’s mother is Azize’s greatest enemy. She intentionally returned to her native village to take revenge. After the engagement, Yaren made a deal with Azize to set up a fake engagement to not marry. But the moment he talks to her on the phone to thank her, Azize tells her that she didn’t send the groom, then hangs up the phone call laughing.

Cihan convinces his son that the only way to protect Reyyan from Azize is to marry Elif, to end the enmity between the two families.

Miran decides to return to his mother’s grandmother, and Reyyan accompanies him!

Miran tries to get to know his grandmother better from his mother. And therefore, he discovers more about his past and his mother. Reyyan gets closer and closer to Miran, trying to convince the latter to reveal his truth without being influenced by anyone.

Miran and Reyyan return to the Aslanbey family mansion with Şükran!

After that, Şükran waited for years with the hope that she would meet her nephew, her dream of coming true when Miran accepts her as a grandmother. The reunion between them is very emotional when Miran finds out that Şükran went to the Aslanbey mansion countless times to take him home. But Azize threatened to kill her nephew if she dared to step there.

Hercai Episode 26 Summary ends as Miran, Reyyan, and Şükran arrive at the mansion. Azize does not allow Miran’s grandmother to come to the manor house. She feels afraid because she is sure that Şükran will tell her nephew that Mehmet did not behave well with his wife, Dilsah.

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