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Hercai Turkish TV Series: Plot & Cast

Hercai Turkish TV Series

Hercai Turkish TV Series – Plot, Cast & Everything You Need to Know

Hercai Turkish TV Series says about Another way of life – Another mentality: “The East is a delicate matter when the fight for honour and revenge grows. Unfortunately, the concept of blood feuds still exists in some regions of Turkey. Because taking revenge on a relative killed in one way or another is a matter of honour.

The Turkish series Hercai tells the story of two families who met in the past. At the moment, due of the theirs families past, the main characters – Reyyan and Miran, suffer.

The storyline of Hercai Turkish TV Series

The Turkish series “Hercai” tells the story of impossible love, born of revenge. The story of a fairytale love that Reyyan dreams of is with a prince on a white horse and takes place in the Mardin district of Midyat.

The series describes a love story, born relatively from the burning fire of revenge between two families with thousands of years of history. The events and secrets of the past will take everyone through the storm of burning vengeance.

Miran Aslanbey (Akin Akinozu), the sole heir of the Aslanbey family, moved to Midyat in the Mardin Province in southeastern Turkey. He is a young man who grew up in a traditional city with a grandmother who supports patriarchy, a tough man driven by revenge.

The character of Miran can be described: as a young man, who from 6 years old, lived imprisoned in an ice house. But once he returns to Mardin to fulfil the plan of his revenge meets Reyyan, the warrior of his heart and the girl who will slowly melt the ice around his heart.
Infos: Another description of the character was create by director Benal Tairi – he is “An emotional terminator”.

Reyyan (Ebru Sahin) is the granddaughter of the Sadoglu family, a prominent family in Midyat. Nasuh Șadoğlu, her grandfather and Hazar, her stepfather, are principal people in the girl’s life. However, Reyyan never felt loved by her grandfather and was abused by Nasuh as a child. Nasuh Șadoğlu does not love Reyyan because she is not his biological niece, and the girl does not know that.

The love story between Miran and Reyyan begins with a magnificent sunrise!

One summer morning, Reyyan goes for a ride on her black horse, intending to reach her favourite place from where she can watch a magnificent sunrise. Destiny causes Miran to appear in her way, who was about to hit her with the car. Reyyan falls off her horse and loses consciousness. Miran, who at first sight becomes attracted to the beautiful girl, becomes her saving prince.

He takes her in his car to take her home to her family. That’s how the story with the princess and her warrior begins.

Yaren (İlay Erkök), Cihan’s daughter (Hazar’s brother), is madly in love with Miran, and because the young businessman falls in love with her cousin Reyyan, Yaren will seek revenge.

The young businessman from Istanbul will offer Nasuh Șadoğlu more than a partnership. He wants Reyyan, the niece of the boyar Nasuh, to become his wife. However, both boyars each have a hidden secret plan that neither of them will realize in due course.

Nasuh Shadoğlu (Macit Sonkan), considered the Strongest head of the family in Midyat, has a different plan for Miran. The girl’s grandfather longs for Miran’s great fortune, who doesn’t even know Nasuh’s intentions. Although Miran wants Reyyan to become his wife, Nasuh wants his niece Yaren to marry the young businessman. While Nasuh tries to persuade Miran to marry his other niece, he doesn’t even know about Miran’s revenge.

This agreement between Miran and Nasuh is eagerly looking for by both families. Miran’s decision will profoundly affect the lives of the two young women, Reyyan and Yaren.

Reyyan and Miran are getting married!

Finally, Miran proposes to Reyyan in marriage, the girl accepts, and the two start their new lives together. But the next morning, after the first night as husband and wife took place, Miran leaves her to fulfil his vow of revenge.
Reyyan is deeply affected by her husband’s gesture and begins to feel intense feelings of hatred and revenge due to betrayal. Reyyan swears that as long as she is alive, she will never let him forget what he did to her, promising herself that she will never forgive him.

From the first part of the Hercai series, we will have the opportunity to witness a love story at first sight, where fate will pass our protagonists through a great attempt to test their love.

Curiosities of Hercai Turkish TV Series:

Where are the Hercai series filmed?
Who are the actors from Hercai, and what roles do they play?
The release date of the Hercai series?

The location of the filming from the Hercai series:

The filming of the series “Hercai” take place in the Province of Mardin in a small town in southeastern Turkey, Midyat, which is called the city of civilizations, where is the magnificent mansion where the rich of the world live.

The mansion where the Hercai series is currently being filmed and attracts attention with its unique beauty is also known as “Midyat Guest House”.

Mardin is one of the cultural centres of the country. The actors of the series spend a lot of time in the Midyat district of Mardin province. The actors of the series spend a lot of time in the Midyat district of Mardin province. But the ongoing filming will be filmed from time to time in another province of Turkey, and one of them is Urfa. The scenes with the beautiful bridge in the series take place on the Malabadi bridge.

Hercai Turkish Tv Series Cast

Akin Akinozu in the role of Miran Aslanbey
Ebru Sahin give birth to Reyyan Sadoglu
Ayda Aksel as Sultan Azize Aslanbey – Miran’s grandmother
Gulcin Santircioglu as Sultan Aslanbey – Gonul’s mother
Oya Unustasi as Gonul Aslanbey
Serhat Tutumluer as Hazar Sadoglu – Zehra’s husban
Feride Cetin as Zehra Sadoglu – Hazar’s wife
Macit Sonkan as Nasuh Sadoglu – The head of his family
Gulcin Hatihan as Handan Sadoglu – Chan’s wife
Serdar Ozer as Cihan Sadoglu – Hazar brother
Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar as Azat Sadoglu – Son of Cihan and Handan
Ilay Erkok as Yaren Sadoglu – Daughter of Cihan and Handan
Duygu Yetis as Elif Aslanbey – Azize niece
Cahit Gok as Firat Demiralp – Best friend of Miran

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