Ebru Șahin engagement ring cost
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How much did Ebru Șahin engagement ring cost?

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Ebru Șahin engagement ring

How much does the ring bought by Cedi Osman, his girlfriend Ebru Sahin, cost?

About Ebru Șahin engagement ring: The actress, who has been in a relationship with basketball player Cedi Osman for about 1.5 years, took the first step towards marriage. Ebru Shahin answered “yes” to Osman’s marriage proposal. The price of the ring that the famous basketball player bought for his girlfriend is surprising.

Cedi Osman, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA teams, marries Ebru Shahin, who gained great fame with the character “Reyyan” that she played in the series “Hercai”.

Cappadocia, the ancient region of Central Anatolia, is famous for its fairy baskets!

The famous basketball player asked his girlfriend to marry him, kneeling in front of her, in a landscape with a magnificent view of the dreamy land of Cappadocia. Sahin, who was very happy, accepted the marriage proposal with a big “YES”.

The price of the solitary ring bought by Cedi Osman, who proposed to his girlfriend for marriage in the magical land of Cappadocia, has been set. Osman did not take the price into account when he bought a 5-carat diamond solitaire.

It is estimated that the ring is a 5-carat diamond and has a value of at least 1 million Turkish lire. The basketball player, who earns almost $ 8 million a year from the Cleveland Cavaliers, did not look at the money when he bought the engagement ring for his girlfriend.

The duo, who lived their love affair in front of everyone, sharing with the fans the most romantic moments on their social media accounts, decided to get married. Cedi Osman, who rented a private plane and took his girlfriend to Cappadocia, proposed to her at sunrise.

Ebru Șahin engagement ring: “I said yes,” the actress wrote on her social media account, uploading a photo with a story frame, in which they caught in the background hot air balloons rising in the air.

Ebru Șahin engagement ring – Congratulatory messages sent to the happy couple did not take long to appear!

A month ago, in an interview, they were asked when they would get married, and then Shahin said, “I haven’t received a proposal yet”.

Recalling this statement, social media users posted comments, saying:

“Finally, bravo Cedi”, “Cedi chose the old romantic place to propose”, and “Show us the solitary Ebro ring”.

The couple has not yet announced the date or place of the wedding, as 26-year-old Osman spends most of the year in the United States.

Ebru Șahin engagement ring – SINGLE DIAMOND OF 1 MILLION TURKEY LIRE

About Ebru Shahin engagement ring: The tabloids in Turkey wrote that the ring that Cedi Osman put on the finger of the actress Ebru Sahin is a 5-carat diamond ring, and its value is about 1 million Turkish pounds.


Ebru Șahin spoke about her relationship and said:

“Since childhood, Cedi and I realized that we always acted with the same instinct. We understood that the process of trust-building can take different paths, different amounts of time, while we grew up in different environments. The places where we taste life are diverse, but the taste is the same. You know, you can handle any situation without having to talk to anyone. There is a special connection.

Ebru Shahin

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