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Presenting series Forbidden Fruit/Yasak Elma

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Presenting series Forbidden Fruit – The Turkish series “Yasak Elma” wants to show the connections between people belonging to different social classes and how differences can give life to feel full of passion, lies and hidden desires.


Yasak Elma

Presenting series Forbidden Fruit – Yasak Elma – Plot Summary

Yildiz (Eda Ece) and Zeynep (Sevda Erginc) are two young sisters who lead a normal life in Istanbul. They love each other very much, but their dreams and aspirations in life are different because, although they are sisters, they have different personalities from each other.

The beautiful Yıldız is eager to be part of the upper social class. To make her dream come true, she works as a waitress in a luxury restaurant to get in touch with people in high-society. Yıldız meets Halit at the restaurant where she works. The beautiful waitress wants at all costs to become his wife to escape poverty.

Yıldız’s life changes when she meets Ender Argun, the queen of high society

The queen of high society decided to use Yıldız to divorce her husband Halit Argun (Talat Bulut), offering Yıldız the offer of his life. She does not want to lose her social and financial status in society. The plan for great chances of success is to hire the young Yildiz to seduce her husband. After, that to prove that Halit committed adultery to get as much money as possible after the divorce.

Yildiz is disappointed by her boyfriend, who only uses her. Her lover is not going to ask her to marry him. Because of that disappointing, she accepts the job at the mansion.

Ender (Shevval Sam) is the real equivalent of the definition of “an important person in society”, a beautiful, refined and intelligent woman, a businesswoman, who has reached the peak of beauty and is full of femininity. She is the third wife of billionaire Halit Bey.

On the other hand, Alihan purchased the company where Zeynep works. What Zeynep doesn’t know is that Alihan is Halit’s partner and the brother of the billionaire’s second wife. The beautiful petite girl is an assistant manager, and her life turns upside down when they transferred her to Alihan’s company. She respects ethical values ​​and principles and has one thing in common with her boss Alihan: stubbornness.

The contrasts of Zeynep and Alihan turn into an interaction over time. Alihan and Zeynep do not get along at work at all. There are many quarrels between them the businessman falls in love with her.

Alihan (Onur Tuna) is a charismatic, responsible and rich young man. But an extreme arrogant businessman, for people who are not close to him, took over the company where Zeynep worked.

Halit Argun (Talat Bulut) is a good, hardworking and respectable businessman being one of the richest men in Turkey, but a bit feminine and an extraordinary interest in young and beautiful women. He is stingy, does not give money to the women he is married to and even protects his jewellery in his safe.

Yildiz, Erim, Zehra and Lila live at the Halit’s mansion. Although at first glance, the marriage between Ender and Halit seems perfect, in reality, they do not love each other and have many misunderstandings in their personal lives.

Yildiz also makes her plans, intending to irretrievably conquer Halit Bey and then says “GOODBYE” to Ender. But Yıldız’s decision will affect not only herself but also her sister Zeynep.

Actors in the leading role:
Talat Bulut, Shevval Sam, Eda Ece, Nesrin Cavadzade and Barıș Kılıç.

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