The Ambassador's Daughter Episode 1 Summary
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The Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 1 Summary

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The series Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 1 Summary started on December 16 on Star TV, Turkey. The protagonists are Neslihan Atagül and Engin Akyürek. The series tells a very emotional, strong and unique story on the Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 1 Summary.

The motto of the series: “If you die, it will be epic. If you live, it will be a lie”.

Sefirin Kızı

Neslihan Atagül plays Nare’s character and is the ambassador’s daughter. She has a beautiful little girl named Melek (Angel). After a terrible incident for which Nare thinks she could go to jail, decides to go to Șancar. So Nare tells Melek that she will take her to her father, whom her daughter has been asking about a few years ago.

The Ambassador’s Daughter Plot Summary

Șancar, the son of a poor man, falls in love with Nare, the daughter of an ambassador who came to Bodrum when they were still a child. These two young people, who are part of two different worlds, love each other very much and have been fighting for their love for years.

Eventually, the girl runs away to the boy, but the night they meet, Nare suddenly disappears. From then on, no one knows anything about her. Some say Nare fell into the sea and died, while others say the ambassador’s daughter fled to Europe.

Her boyfriend, who is burning with longing for her, was very disappointed. A lover sang a song for them, saying that the ambassador’s daughter became a bird and flew away. Thus, this regrettable event story of Nare and Sancar turns into an epic.

The ambassador’s daughter, who disappeared on her wedding night, appears nine years later on another wedding night. Moreover, this wedding is Șancar’s wedding. She brought their daughter to him.

INFO: Șancar and Nare are two child lovers. Nare is the daughter of an ambassador and lives in Montenegro with her family. But during the holidays, she goes to Bodrum to meet Șancar.

The Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 1 Summary

Legend has it that: “On the night of the wedding, the girl disappeared plus no one knows if Nare became a bird and flew to the sky or a fish and fell into the sea”.

The series begins in a magnificent neighbourhood in Podgorica, Montenegro, with Melek, Nare and Sancar’s little daughter.

While Melek is playing outside the house, the story moves into the bathroom. Nare appears in front of the mirror with a knife in her hand. That man is bleeding to the ground with stab wounds. She remembers the part where Akin wanted to kiss her while, for self-defence, an unfortunate incident occurred.

Nare thinks she killed the man even though it was self-defence. Nare knows, has to keep her daughter safe if something happens to her. She thought of Melek’s father, Șancar, whom she hadn’t seen in years days after their wedding night.

While Melek is playing, at one point, she goes into the house to drink water and enters shouting “mother”, but she is in shock when she sees Akin lying down full of blood. She changes clothes in the bathroom when she comes out, sees Melek scared. Nare tries to calm her down and tells her that he will send her to her father in his hometown.

Nare sends her father the bag with her bloody clothes at the embassy and then leaves for Turkey. But Guven decides to open the bag only when he has finished his business meetings.

Nare decides to take Melek to her father!

Nare and Melek arrive at the airport and fly to Istanbul and then to Muğla, where Șancar, Melek’s father and Nare’s ex-boyfriend live. But in Mugla, the birthplace of Melek’s father, a wedding is organized because Șancar Efe is getting married. After arriving in Istanbul, Nare waits with Melek for the plane to Muğla, there she meets Gediz, who is pleasantly surprised to meet Nare.

Gediz is charming by Nare’s beauty and very curious about her life!

Coincidentally, Nare, Melike and Gediz are on the same plane flying from Istanbul to Muğla. Gediz finds the beautiful Nare starts talking to her. He tells his name, she introduces herself and says it’s Nare. Gediz is surprised to hear this name, then tells him about the epic love story of Nare (Ambassador’s daughter) and Șancar.

Gediz is charming by her beauty and doesn’t let a minute pass without talking to Nare. He is surprised to learn that there is a second Nare in Muğla because he knew it was only “one”, that of the legend.

Gediz tells him that these two young men loved each other very much and were going to get married. He has no idea that he is talking to Nare, the ambassador’s daughter. He also tells her that the people in their city are still talking about this “epic love story” because no one knows what happened to the ambassador’s daughter and that it is a tragedy because she left Șancar. Of course, Nare listens to all this and knows that it is about her and Șancar. But she is curious and keeps asking questions. Gediz asks her if she is the daughter of the legendary ambassador, but Nare denies it.

Gediz and Nare hurry to go to Sancar!

While Gediz is in a hurry to get to Șancar’s marriage, Nare is eager to take her daughter to her father. Her story, which she hears from Gendiz, moves Nare because it brings back beautiful but painful memories.

Flashbacks helped to true to explain Nare’s past with Șancar. Nare tells Gediz that she is taking her daughter to her father, the man she broke up with at an early age. At one point, Nare drops his diary on the floor Gediz picks it up and hands it to her.

On the other hand, in Mugla, we meet Șancar Efe, Nare’s ex-boyfriend. Engin Akyürek plays Șancar’s role and has a brother named Yahya (Doğukan Polat) and a sister Zehra (Cemre Öktem). The three have a beautiful relationship, love and care a lot for each other. Since it is Friday, Sanchar is in the mosque, where Jumma is praying before his wedding.

Șancar does not look happy on his wedding day, the reason being Nare, the woman he is trying to give up, after eight years in which he has never heard of her. He agreed to marry another woman to push the ambassador’s daughter out of his heart and mind.

Sancar is getting married on Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 1 Summary!

While a traditional wedding is taking place in the village, the family prepares for the ceremony. Șancar takes his wife on a horse. He is looking forward to his close friend arriving, as he is the witness.

Everything is ready in the guest house of the Ephesians. From time-to-time, they are waiting for the wedding to begin. Gediz arrives at the wedding a few minutes before it starts. And since everything is ready, the mayor is preparing to marry them. However, Kavruk (the foreigner of the village) tries to convince Șancar not to marry because he is still in love with Nare, but Șancar does not listen to him.

Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 1 Summary: The meeting between Nare and Sancar!

In these moments, when Șancar, being asked if he agrees to get married, Nare arrives at the inn. She sees Sancar getting married. After a few seconds of hesitation from Sancar, he says YES, then Nare feels very bad.

In the middle of the dance, Zejberk, Nare gets up and walks in front of the groom, saying: “I brought you, my daughter!”

Sancar is shocked to see again the love of his life!

Absolute shock! Șancar has not seen or heard of Nare since the night she disappeared. He was so shocked and surprised that he couldn’t believe what he saw and heard. Everyone else at the wedding was surprised even Gediz asked if she was the ambassador’s daughter, seeing that she was the same girl he met on the plane. Above all, there is a girl who is his daughter. After the wedding has stopped, Șancar is full of emotions when Nare tells him that he brought his daughter to take care of her from now on because she can’t anymore. Of course, Nare doesn’t tell him the whole truth about why he can’t take care of Melek, and suddenly Nare loses consciousness.

This scene is difficult to watch because their daughter was sitting there. Melek witnessed the mood her father treated her mother and shouted that she wished she was not his daughter. Șancar takes Naren to a room. After Nare regains consciousness, Șancar, because of past suffering, gets angry and tells her that he doesn’t have a daughter and takes her out of the house.

Melek is upset with her father!

Nare and Melek run to the hut. But when they enter, Nare doesn’t feel well and leaves. Gediz follows her from behind and waits outside the chalet. Then invites her to his home, as he lives with his mother and sister. He informs Șancar that Nare is at his house, but this gesture made Șancar more upset because Gediz is his friend. Șancar doesn’t understand why Gediz does all this. From their conversation, we learn that the Gediz’s sister, Müge, knows Nare. And Nare is so happy that she has the two of her side. After Nare puts Melek to sleep, Gediz invites her to speak on the balcony. He offers her his jacket, but Nare refuses. Gediz brings her a scarf and tea. When he takes the scarf from the room, Gediz’s attention drawn to Nare’s diary.

The DNA test confirms that Sancar is Melek’s father!

The next day, Șancar goes home to Gediz and asks Melek to do a DNA test. Nare accepts because she knows 100% that Melek is his daughter. Finally, they receive the results Șancar opens the envelope. When he sees that Melek is his daughter, argues with Naren because she kept Melek away from him for eight years. He was in shock, but Nare was not surprised at all.

Șancar asks, “Is his name Melek?” And he remembering their beautiful time when they decided that their daughter would be named Melek. He begins to change his behaviour towards Melek because she is his daughter. Șancar agrees to take care of her. Nare tells him that she entrusts her daughter and that he should love and take care of her. Nare leaves her daughter with Șancar, separates from Melek and leaves.

The emotional separation between Nare and her daughter!

There is such an emotional scene: Melek cries for her mother leaving. But her father takes her and introduces Melek to his family, including the girl to his new wife. Gediz returns home and finds out that Nare did the DNA test. When Guven calls him and tells him that he is afraid that Nare will commit suicide, he immediately goes to Șancar and asks him if Nare is at the inn. He tells him that only did she leave her daughter and run away.

Șancar receives another shock when Gediz tells him that Nare will commit suicide because he saw his diary, and his father called her. The two go to the hut and see Naren on a rock. And Kavruk says, “The flying bird can’t fly again.”

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  • canilecanan

    The dramatic & epic love story between Nare and Sancar hits a hard rock and capsized in the second season. Especially after the departing of the starring role Nare (Neslihan Atagül) and at the same time the change of the writers at the 34th episode, the story virtually changed from head to foot. A new and fast infatuation has had a shocking effect on the viewers. Additionally, the new writers maintain a slower pace and the dramatically reduced action leading the series being “boring”.

    So briefly, it’s an unfinished rare epic love story that unfortunately ends with a lot of headaches and heartaches as a completely new story begins. The series is continuing with new writers facing insurmountable challenges with the departure of not only Nare but also Gediz and Boz. The episodes after 35th has nothing to do with the previous ones and the original story. Even the characters are totaly changed and ruined.

    • Admin

      First of all, I want to thank you for your time. Sadly, the epic love story has taken such a turn. To be sincere, I like the gorgeous and talented actress Neslihan Atagül. It is regretful that she had to leave the series because of health problems. From the moment I discovered her, I love and appreciate her devotion and talent for acting.

      The way you expressed your opinion about this magnificent TV Series is stunning. Reading your comment, I discovered your blog, and I was pleasantly impressed. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I only read this post (, which is very informative and well written.
      Congratulations on your blog! I’m glad I met you, even virtually!