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The Choice Episode 1 Summary [BABIL]

The Choice Episode 1 Summary

In the Turkish series “The Choice”, we can see the famous actor Halit Ergenç. Ifran is at the University and teaches to students. The Choice Episode 1 Summary starts with the topic of discussion is “what you would do and not do for money.” After class, Ifran leaves the classroom excited to meet his wife and son. They are waiting for him in The Choice Episode 1 Summary.

Ifran was unfair fired from the University!

The two parents are happy about the birthday of their son Deniz. But when they want to leave are retained.

The professor learns that the rector is waiting for him in the office. Ifran is very excited because he thinks that his application to become the dean of that University was approved. But he is very disappointed to learn, is fired.

The Rector of the University accuses Ifran of taking bribes because he has evidence and fires him. In vain, Ifran tries to protest that he is innocent. The boss is not paying attention.

Ifran immediately goes to look for Burak. He suspects that his friend dug him in the back. Indeed, Burak tells him that he will receive the dean’s office. The confrontation comes out with an argument, Ifran ends up spending the night in the police station.

The next day, when Ifran is released, he immediately goes home to explain to his wife what happened. Eda is not in a good mood. Because the situation created brought them problems with money and there are small contradictory discussions between the two spouses. Suddenly they hear a noise from the child’s room, and when I run to him, I find Deniz unconscious on the floor.

Ifran and his wife Eda finds out that their son Deniz has a brain tumour!

At the hospital, Deniz has an MRI. His parents are terrified, as their only seven-year-old son has a brain tumour that needs an operation as soon as possible. After such news, horror and panic spread over their family. The two parents are desperate and seek other opinions from other doctors, who confirm the same.

Ifran immediately tries to find a job. But after a day full of interviews, he is unable to get hired due to ongoing research. Desperate and helpless, he seeks a helping hand from his friends, but unfortunately, all the doors close in front of him. one by one.

The teacher knows that saving his son time is like a time bomb. He immediately sells his car. But there is not enough money because they do not have properties to sell, all he has to do is turn to his childhood friend, but he has reservations.

Eda, who has a past with Egemen, her husband’s best friend, immediately goes to him even though they haven’t seen each other for eight years. She explains that her son has fallen ill and needs money urgently for the operation. Egemen promises to try to get the money she needs. Then Eda asks him not to tell her husband.

Ifran’s decision to get money throws him into the darkest adventure of his life!

On the other hand, Ifran receives a phone call from his childhood friend and sets up a date. The teacher opens his heart to his friend and tells him about the difficult situation he is going through with his son. Egemen tells him that he knows someone who could help him with his money. But Suleyman is not an honest person, even if he has a chain of luxury apartments.

Both friends, immediately going to meet Suleyman. While Ifran is waiting outside, he meets the beautiful Ayse, who confuses him with Suleyman. The teacher lends him his pen so that the girl can complete her CV. Suleyman agreed to make that loan to the teacher. The two friends leave the building.

At home, Ifran informs Eda that he got money from his friend. Egemen seems to have problems with money and got into debts because he is threatened and has a deadline to pay the money he owes in a week.

Ifran’s ex-girlfriend is Suleyman’s mistress in The Choice Episode 1 Summary!

At the apartment, Egemen finds Ilay very tidy there. He finds out that Suleyman has decided to sell that apartment. And in order not to stay on the road, Ilay gave him the keys to the office.

Suleyman arrives there and looks at Ilay as if it were something more than a friendship between them. Even if the man is married, he has a mistress. After Suleyman’s departure, Egemen asks Ilay if she ever thought about what her life with Ifran would have been like if were not separate. But the girl tells him she never thought of such a thing. But it seems that Ilay lied to him since he opened the box with her memories from the past. She reads the letters she received from her ex-boyfriend, looking at the photo with the tear in two. Unfortunately, Eda also finds that photo of her husband with his ex-girlfriend. She seems to have some question marks.

Ifran and Eda find out from the doctor that they have to operate on their son in America!

The doctor tells Eda and her husband to operate on their son at a teacher in America. That doctor is best at such risky surgeries, but the operation is expensive.

The teacher, who seeks advice from his friend, is advised to cheat on Suleyman. Egemen says that rich people will not even notice the lack of money. He wants to sell some of Suleyman’s apartments, knowing he’ll get your payments in advance. With that money, Egemen will be able to pay his debts. But also Deniz’s surgery.

Suleyman, who plans to leave for a few days with his girlfriend, goes to the apartment to inform Ilay. There he finds that torn photo on the floor, on the back of which he writes that the two belong to each other forever. When he finds out from the maid that Ilay left with a man, he goes after her. And when he finds her in an underground garage, he forces his girlfriend to get in the car. And he threatens that man with the gun to stay away from her. Ilay doesn’t want to go with Suleyman. Because her sister is sick and that man named Ozgur is her sister’s boyfriend.

When Suleyman finds out that Egemen and his friend stole it, he orders them killed!

On the other hand, Ercemen, believing that Suleyman has left. He organizes a meeting with potential buyers of the apartments. Meanwhile, Yalcin, on the orders of his boss, goes to check if everything is fine. And the moment Egemen sees him, he panics and hits him with the fire extinguisher. Ifran sees this scene in horror. The two friends realize that Suleyman has not left and immediately run away.

Arriving home, Ifran makes his wife pack everything very quickly to go to America immediately. He warns her that she borrowed the money from a shark and they are in great danger. Suleyman is very angry and unleashes his anger on the security guard, who helped them. He gives strict orders to find Egemen and his friend.

The Choice Episode 1 Summary: Deniz, the son of Ifran is the son of Egemen!

All this time, Eda managed to hide the secret of her life. She confesses that Deniz is not the son of Ifran. Funda learns Egemen is the father of her son.

On the other hand, while Ilay is at the office, she finds out that Egemen’s friend is Ifran and is shocked. Egemen meets with Ifran as he established. But those to whom he owed beat them and stole their money. The two friends take refuge in an uninhabited house. But as Ifran tries to treat his wounds, we see Yalcin outside.

The Choice Episode 1 Summary ends how Suleyman captures Ifran and Egemen. he throws them into a cement pit. Egemen begs him to forgive them. Ifran promises that in three months, he will return double the money he owes. But Suleyman tells the people to kill them.

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