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Akin Akinözü, exclusively: The artist’s blood flows through my veins!

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Akin Akinözü, exclusively: MIRAN from Hercai never dreamed of being an actor, but the artistic environment was always close to him. The successful series with Akin Akinozu, broadcast by Telemundo in the USA, is very watched by the actor’s fans.

The talented actor recently gave an interview, and according to People en Espanol, Akin Akinozu confessed that “he was blind and did not see” his attraction to acting.

People en Español reported that the difference from many of his colleagues, Akin Akinözü, never dreamed of being an actor. According to the source quoted above, the handsome actor said “No, not at all”.

A few months ago, there was a discussion about what studies the famous actor followed, who in the interview given to the Hispanic public, also said:

“I studied applied mathematics at the University of Berkeley, I always followed the path of science and mathematics.”


But in the final year of his bachelor’s degree, he realized that “There were many things to discover when it came to art, filming and acting”, and he wanted to be part of the world of acting, “to dedicate all his time to acting.

The reality is that the artistic environment has always been close to him, and the actor confessions confirm this.

“But somehow I was blind and I did not see”! The artist’s blood flows through my veins, this comes from my grandfather, who was the voice of America, and also from my grandfather’s brother, who is considered the father of Turkish documentaries ”.


Akinözü, the protagonist of Hercai, also revealed that:

“It was like I was dealing with the fact that I was blind to where I should be and when I realized I took that step, and I am glad I did”, the actor added.


Today he has become one of the most renowned Turkish actors due to the character of the vengeful Miran, whom he played in Hercai with such skill. His popularity can also saw on social media – he has over 3 million followers on Instagram alone.

Akin assures that acting is a job 24 hours a day seven days a week!

“I have constant work on myself to improve my skills. Acting is a tool that teaches you how to be a human being. I do not know if it is right to say that, but there is nothing beyond acting because it involves using human skills. After all, even if you have gained a lot of experience in other fields, you can always become a better actor, as long as you improve as a human being”.

Akin Akinözu

Here is what Akin Akinözü, the protagonist of Hercai, concluded:

“So every observation, every skill acquired is completed and goes hand in hand. And that is why I chose acting because it gives me a lot of opportunities, and it is always something I have to work on, and it is worth it. You can work hard on yourself it is a tool. It is not just a wish, the goal is to discover your concerns and make you become a real human being, and acting is a helpful tool for that”.


Info source: People en Español | TELEMUNDO