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Ebru Şahin – Biography [Career and Life Story]

Ebru Sahin Biography-Career-and-Life-Story

Ebru Şahin – Biography: Spicy news about Reyyan

In 2020, Ebru Şahin was very active both on social media and on small screens. Ebru Şahin Biography: The beautiful Turkish actress has always been in the spotlight after the launch of the Hercai phenomenon series. Shahin constantly gave interviews in which she told many interesting things about her work on set.

The actress is at the top of her career!

Ebru Shahin, who played the character Reyyan in the Turkish series Hercai, quickly became one of the most popular actresses recently discovered in Turkey. Moreover, due to her participation in the series, Ebru Şahin made a very recognized name in different parts of the world.

Interview with Ebru Şahin

Here are excerpts from an interview with the actress, published on TelevisionGazetesi.com:

When asked about the TV show, Ebru said that she wanted to become an actress since childhood. So she followed her dream, and once she entered university, she had to work hard in the advertising sector.

Ebru Shahin, whose reputation transcends Borders of Turkey with her most loved character Reyyan, said in another interview that her friends laughed at her when she said she wanted to become an actress.

Brilliant fame on Social Media!

Ebru admitted that she had difficulties in the first project in the series!

I could hardly stand and tremble in my first scene.


Shahin also admitted that filming in cold weather was difficult and that she took vitamin supplements for fear of catching a cold.

Although the tears of Reyyan are false, it still affects my family, who call me every day to make sure everything is fine. My parents are not happy that their daughter cries often. However, the dissatisfaction of my relatives only convinced me of the success of the image creation.


At the end of the interview, the actress changed the subject of the conversation.

I became happier because I created a compelling character on the small screens.


Ebru Şahin Biography

Ebru Sahin was born on 18th of May, 1994, in Istanbul, Turkey. Shahin, who has been interested in sports since the age of 8, realized that he also has a great passion for acting.

In 2015, Ebru began to appear actively in many commercials for Turkish television.
In 2016, the young girl graduated from the Faculty of Sports at the University of Istanbul. After graduating, the beautiful actress also studied acting to fulfil her childhood dream.

Ebru Şahin started a new life, full of work in the spotlight!

In a short time, the charming actress was noticed by specialists in the field of casting. Thus he came to work for the production of Turkish series.

Ebru Şahin – Biography – Career and Life Story: The first main role

The first acting experience of Ebru was in the film Kan Parasi / Blood Money (2016). Shahin appeared in front of the camera with the character Nilüfer in the film Babam (2017). Then she played the character of Didem from the series Savașçı, and the role of Burcu from the series İstanbullu Gelin / The Bride from Istanbul. The talented actress also gave life to Hira from Yasal Elma / The Price of Happiness, one of the series that was also successful.

2016: The first important role of Ebru Shahin was the lead role in the film Blood Money, directed by Ali Adnan Özgür.

The talented actress worked non-stop and starred in three movies simultaneously!

It should be noted that 2017 was the most successful year for the beautiful actress! Ebru Şahin also appeared in the popular television series Istanbul Bride / İstanbullu Gelin (2017). The TV Series in which Ozcan Deniz and Asli Enver were the protagonists. The TV Series conquered the audience with their Oscar performance.

In the same year, Ebru Şahin starred in the TV series The Warrior (Savașçı) as Didem. Finally, let me remember her role as Nilufer in the movie Babam (2017).
The following year, the actress is remembered for her role by Hira in the Turkish TV series Forbidden Apple.

2019: Ebru gets the lead role in the mega-project Hercai (2019), which breaks all popularity records in Turkey. The young and talented actress plays the innocent Reyyan, along with her partner Miran.

Akin Akinozu (Miran) got over 1 million votes on Instagram in just two weeks!

It should also be mentioned that the talented actress works in the Abdullah Bulut Management agency, together with her colleagues from other Turkish series. One of them is a name also known to the Romanian public and is none other than Murat Ünalmış, Demir from My name is Zuleyha.


SERIALS: Hercai (2019-2020), Yasak Elma / The Price of Happiness (2018), İstanbullu Gelin / The Bride of Istanbul (2017) and Savaşçı (2017).

FILMS: Şuursuz Aşk (2019), Babam (2017) and Kan Parası (2016).

ADVERTISEMENTS: FLO (2020), Newwell (2020), Pantene (2019), Doğadan (2017), Eyüp Sabri Tuncer (2016), Türk Telekom (2016), Vodafone (2016), Ülker Bitter (2016) and Türk Telekom (2015) ).

Ebru Sahin (Reyyan) received the award for Best Actress of the Year. At the Turkish Brand Awards 2019.

Ebru Sahin (Reyyan) at the “Turkish Brand Awards 2019 received the award for Best Actress of the Year;
AWARDS: Golden Palm Awards for Best Actress (2020), Turkey Golden Brand Awards TV of the Year Star (2020), Spanish Telenovela Award for Best Actress (2020), Pantene Altınkelebek Award for Best Actress (2020) and Turkey’s Top Brand Award for Best Actress (2019).

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