Hercai Episode 25 Summary
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Hercai Episode 25 Summary

Hercai Episode 25 Summary begins as Hazar admits that the girl told the truth. Then, with tears in his eyes, he tells his daughter to run after Miran because he told her the truth from the beginning. Reyyan feels she has made a big mistake and runs after her husband to apologize. But this time, her words hurt Miran a lot. He tells her that after those words, the relationship isn’t going to fix.

In the previous episode, Elif went to the Sadoglu family mansion. She confessed that she pushed Hazar up the stairs. And Miran left very angrily because his wife accused him unjustly and did not believe his words.

Reyyan, with tears in her eyes, tells him that she made a big mistake, accusing him unjustly and begs him to forgive her. But the moment Firat reaches them, Miran entrusts him to Elif and leaves.

On the other hand, when Azize finds out that her niece has gone to the Sadoglu mansion, she panics and leaves immediately. Hazar is very upset because he knows that his daughter will not forgive him. Zehra tries to calm him down and promises that she tell Reyyan that she forced him to lie.

Their conversation is interrupted by the cries of Azize, who gets there and an argument with Elif that she risked his life coming to the mansion, then return home. Azize scolds Firat for Elif’s departure and orders her niece to be locked in the room.

Azize decides that Elif, Gonul and Esma go abroad!

Under the pretext that she wants to protect her nieces, Azize tells Firat that Elif, Gonul and Esma will leave the mansion. But she will not allow him to leave her. Because he is like a son to her. Gonul tells her mother that she knows their grandmother wants to take them away from the mansion. But she won’t go anywhere.

Miran tells Reyyan that he is tired of begging her to believe him, and for her, he has stopped the rage of revenge inside him. He also tried to save his father, donating blood to him and yet she unjustly blamed him. He reminds her that she accused him of stealing the letter from her father, telling her that she had learned to kill a person without firing a bullet: the bullet of distrust shooting in his heart. Miran leaves devastated, and Reyyan is left crying on a bench.

Nasuh states that Reyyan is a member of the Şadoğlu family, and her grandfather’s words bother Yaren terribly!

At the Sadoglu mansion, Nasuh Bey talks to his sons and daughters-in-law about what happened. Hazar explains that it is certain that Elif did not push him intentionally.

Cihan revolts, reminding him that the Aslanbey family is their mortal enemy. Nasuh agrees and asks his son that if he still wanted to protect Reyyan, then why did he admit that Elif pushed him, knowing that Azize would do anything to destroy his daughter.

Azat promises Elif that she will help her in Hercai Episode 25 Summary!

Elif is more determined than ever, not allowing her grandmother to decide for her. Azat calls Elif to see if Azize has punished her. She tells him crying that her grandmother is punishing her by sending her abroad. Azat promises Elif that he will do his best to help her and talk to Miran about it.

Reyyan cries at the mansion, and the whole family try to convince her that her father did this to protect her, but she cannot accept the lie. Desperate for the lies of her father, Reyyan is very angry with Hazar. She locks herself in the room. Yaren will play her game and bring tea to her cousin, behaving as if she cares about her family. But Yaren insults Reyyan again and asks her what she will do now if her prince on a white horse has left without looking back.

Nasuh Bey severely punishes Yaren and forces her to marry in Hercai Episode 25 Summary !

Their grandfather wants to capture the conversation when Yaren says that she will be her grandfather’s favourite whenever she wants. She does not believe that if their grandfather accepted her, Reyyan begins able to take her place.

Nasuh Bey gets angry, and seeing that Yaren is still commenting, he slaps his nephew in the face with the whole family. Nasuh tells Cihan that if they don’t marry her daughter in three days, he will send her to the village to work on the animal farm because Yaren is only a member of the Sadoglu family.

Cihan gets angry with his daughter and locks her in the room, warning everyone. Nervously, Yaren says their fate is in her hands, and we see her with the letter in her hand.

A common dream scares both Reyyan and Miran in Hercai Episode 25 Summary !

The two lovers can’t sleep, and they both have a dream in which Reyyan tells Miran that only death will separate them. And he tells her that she is dead in his heart, then they BOTH wake up scared.

Gonul asks Firat to help her reunite with Miran, but he refuses!

On the other hand, Gonul asks Firat for help to help her reunite with Miran, under the pretext that this is the only way they will begin able to keep the family together. Otherwise, grandparents’ decisions and revenge plans will shatter the family. But Firat tells her that Miran’s love for Reyyan will never end, and he can’t help her, knowing that she will be unhappy if she does that. While Reyyan tells her mother how much she went to talk to her husband, Miran receives the divorce papers and signs them.

Reyyan is at the mansion but does not find Miran and has a more acid conversation with Gonul. And when Firat appears, Reyyan asks for his help. He tells him that Miran loves her and tries to explain how much her husband sacrificed for her. But whatever he did was not enough for her.

Zehra, who is no longer has peace because of the letter, meets Esma and asks her not to tell her husband that Miran is Hazar’s son. She does explain that her daughter is going through tense moments and is afraid that she will lose her forever.

Miran gives his wife the signed divorce papers, and Reyyan thinks her parents sent them!

Firat takes Reyyan to the cottage that her husband has rebuilt for her. He tells her he wants his family not to be upset. Reyyan enters, and Miran asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him that she came to him because she loves him.

After a conversation through which they do not reach any agreement, Miran takes his wife home. Weeping, Reyyan enters the mansion and asks his mother if she sent Miran the divorce papers. But Zehra tells her that she had no interest in doing so. Her daughter goes to Hazar to ask him why he did such a thing to her. Both parents tell her that they did not send the divorce papers. Zehra begins to suspect Yaren.

While Yaren is in her room and is happy that she has achieved her goal, Zehra goes to her. After slapping Yaren hard, telling her it was because he sent the divorce papers to Miran.

Azzie catches the maid, Şehriyar, for betraying her and drives her away from the mansion!

On the other hand, Azzie catches the maid Şehriyar she is bringing information to the Sadoglu family. Then, in front of everyone in the manor house, she tells them that she is a traitor. After that, she drives her away from the mansion.

Elif calls Reyyan and asks her to listen to what she has to say. Then she thanks her for not closing the phone call. But Reyyan knows that the girl would not intentionally harm anyone. She asks her to help her to enter Miran’s room.

Reyyan enters her husband’s room, who is falling asleep. After looking at him for a long time and smelling his scent, she leaves him a letter and a red rose. Her husband reads that letter and is pleasantly impressed by his wife’s statements. She wrote to him that even when bad things happen, she still wants to be with him.

Miran feels deeply hurt and seeks refuge in his mother’s house and finds out that Şükran is his grandmother!

The next day, Miran feels the injured teacher and seeks refuge in his mother’s house. The young man goes to his native village. He gets to know his grandmother better from his mother and therefore discovers more about his past.

Reyyan tells her parents that she is going to look for Miran to persuade him to forgive her. She arrives at her grandmother’s house and is very happy when she sees that the suspicions have come true. Miran angrily tells her that she signed the divorce papers without any restraint and is now seeking reconciliation.

His wife tells him that she did not send the divorce papers, but he signed them. But she will not give up on him being Reyyan Aslanbey. Grandma intervenes between the two lovers. Şükran tells Miran that he cannot be Dilsah’s son. She also says that if she were there would not unscrupulously leave behind the woman she loves. Miran is stubborn not to believe in the grandma’s says.

Episode 25 Summary ends as Şükran tells Miran that she is his grandmother.

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