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Hercai Episode 27: CONFRONTATION

Hercai Episode 27 Summary begins as Miran looks at Azize and Esma with disappointment because they have hidden the truth from him. Esma tells him that in the past, his grandmother left, and she thought that Sukran was no longer alive.

Azize and Șükran face each other after years in which Miran lived in a big lie!

Hercai Episode 27 Summary: Azize tells Miran that she wanted everyone to know that Șükran is dead because she didn’t want him to know he has such a grandmother. She lies to him that Shükran was only interested in money and Dilsah was ashamed of her mother. Sultan and Esma are shocked by Azize’s words because they know it is not true remaining silent. Azize continues to lie that Șükran came daily to the gates of the mansion. But not to see her nephew and to ask for money. Șükran feels deeply hurt and tells Miran that Azize is lying shamelessly.

Miran decides for Șükran to stay at the mansion, and Gonul and Elif support him!

Reyyan intervenes and tells Azize to let Miran decide who to believe, and of course, he is on his grandmother’s side. And when Azize orders Mahmut to drive away Sukran, Miran opposes and tells him clearly that his grandmother will stay at the mansion. Azize opposes in vain because Gonul and Elif agree with Miran, who immediately tells Esma to prepare the room for his grandmother. Firat and Gonul are very disappointed with their mothers because they did not tell Miran that Sukran is alive.

Miran and Reyyan, more in love than ever in Hercai Episode 27!

Miran decides to investigate the past in more detail and tells Reyyan that he needs to find the person who sent them the ticket. Saying only that person has the answers that bother them and find out the truth. Their conversation is interrupted by Elif, who announces that Sukran has disappeared. Miran and Reyyan start looking for her, and luckily they find her before she gets on the bus. Sukran tells them that she was hurt by Azize’s accusations and considered that she should leave the mansion. But the two persuade her to return home.

The two lovers are in their room, and Reyyan tells her husband that it is the right time to solve their problems, looking for the truth and turning everything into something beautiful. Miran says syrupy words to his pretty wife and tells her how much he loves her.

Reyyan becomes Miran’s supporter on this journey in search of the truth!

Miran, who finds out new information about his mother’s past after confronting Azize, now falls into a great dilemma about the truth to believe. But Reyyan does not allow the man she loves to be thrown into the darkness of the past. She does everything necessary to support her husband.

Yaren is trying to persuade Harun to give up the marriage!

On the other hand, Handan notices her daughter’s absence and panics that she has left the mansion. Yaren went to meet Harun, hoping she could persuade him to give up the marriage. But the moment Yaren tells her to take her family and leave, Harun becomes aggressive and shakes her hand.

Firat sees them and intervenes! Yaren begs him to leave say if her grandfather finds out she left, it will be even worse. Harun tells him clearly that he will not give up marriage. Yaren leaves and tells Firat everything outside. Explaining to him that she is forcing to get married, even though she doesn’t want to. Then she cries and tells him that her grandfather punished her for marrying a stranger. After that, Yaren returns to the mansion and begs her mother to prevent her from marrying Harun. But Handan won’t stop the wedding and tells his daughter that the engagement will take place that night and she will receive the ring.

Elif meets Azat and says he doesn’t want to stay in her grandmother’s house, not even for a moment, because things have already gotten out of hand. last Saturday’s news

The reunion between Sultan and Șükran is exciting!

Hercai Episode 27 Summary: The Sultan goes to Shükran’s room and begins to depend on memories. She tells her that she has finally fulfilled her vow, reminding her words not to enter the grave until she hugs her nephew. Sultan also advises her to leave the mansion. Her intention is not to take her away from Miran. But to protect her from Azize because she will not have peace around her.

Yaren is forcibly engaged to Harun, and Firat can’t stop thinking about her!

At the Sadoglu family mansion, the engagement between Yaren and Harun takes place, who tells his future wife that after the wedding, she will have to explain who is the guy who intervened in their conversation while they were at the hotel. Yaren tells him that he is a psychopath and that soon her family will see her true face.

On the other hand, Firat is very thoughtful when Yaren tells him that the family is forcing her to engage. Gonul, not knowing who the woman Firat is thinking of, tells him that he is definitely in love and advises him to talk to her until it’s too late.

While Reyyan going to get some water, Azize stops her and tells her that her requests never end. But Reyyan is not intimidated and tells her that Miran is not her property. She also tells Azize that she knows what she wants to do and what her purpose is. But now, she is there and will not allow her to confuse Miran because she will do whatever it takes for her husband to find out the truth.

Firat refuses to transfer the Aslanbey family’s fortune back to Azize!

The next morning, Azize tells Firat to get ready because they are going to the notary to transfer all the goods back. Firat tells her that he will not go anywhere, and Miran and Gonul agree with him. Azize gets angry, and when she slaps Firat hard, Miran intervenes. Firat tells her that he will not transfer her fortune because she is angry and makes wrong decisions to prove her power to anyone who opposes her. Azize goes to her room and immediately calls her lawyer and orders him to find a way to recover all the goods.

Esma tries to confront Azzie but gives in to the threats again!

Esma goes to Azize and tells her that all these years, she endured all. And getts involved in all her games and lies because of fear. But now, she will not be silent anymore. Azize tells Esma that she is capable of killing Miran if she dares to ruin her revenge plan.

On the other hand, Azize, who is distressed by Șükran’s presence, wants to send Elif out of the mansion as soon as possible. And the girl can no longer resist Azize’s pressure and agrees to go abroad. Although it is difficult to get away from her family, Elif says goodbye to her family, and Miran and Reyyan drive her to the airport.

Elif and Azat marry in secret, without the Aslanbey family knowing!

However, Reyyan and Miran find themselves in the middle of a new war with the unexpected news that Elif has disappeared. Azize believes that the Sadoglu family kidnapped his niece, and when he goes there with Miran and Reyyan, he finds out that Elif married Azat. Azat tells Azize that now Elif is a member of the Sadoglu family, and since she is his wife, no one will be able to take her from there.

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